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Equipment for CrossFit

Opening your own Box/Gym or adding to it? Setting up a sweet Garage Gym? You don’t “CrossFit” but would like to add certain elements of it into your gym / training routine?

You’ve come to the right place!

Wall Balls

The VTX Wall Ball is a great addition to any gym!  Made of durable synthetic leather, heavy duty stitching, a full 1 year warranty against breakage, and priced better than any wall ball available, it is a go to for everyone needing a wall ball for CrossFit!

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 Wood Rings

Lifetime guaranteed wood rings, with a slight textured finish. Unbeatable price, unbeatable quality. Comes with heavy duty straps for easy setup.

Every ring is inspected before shipping out. If strict standards aren’t met, they do not ship. Simple philosophy to keep 100% customer satisfaction.

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Power Sleds / Speed Sleds

Heavy duty power sleds! Great for athletes, gyms, high schools, colleges, and professional level athletes.

Check out these – Weight Sleds

Power Racks / Squat Racks

Heavy Duty Power Racks and Half Racks. Perfect for an elite garage set up or a commercial Gym / Box. Professional quality at non-professional prices.

Check out these – Power Racks







Climbing / Battling Ropes

Climbing and Battling Ropes are important for several reasons. Climbing ropes are great for overall conditioning and hand strength, often considered a “functional movement”. Battling ropes are used as a conditioning rope for all out muscular fatigue of your hands, shoulders, arms, and and core.

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Wall Ball for CrossFit

The VTX wall ball is made of durable synthetic leather with heavy duty stitching.  This can be used in various ways, but is not considered a “slam ball”.  It carries a 1 year warranty against breakage, unless you slam it!

Wall balls are a fantastic way to get core, shoulder, leg, and explosive strength and endurance.  Usually done by picking a 15ft target or 20 ft target above your head, you hold a wall ball at chest level standing up with your feet about 6-12 inches away from the wall.  Then you drop into a squat, then explode upwards release the ball as your hips come to full extension.  Then you catch the ball slowing it down to your chest, and drop into a squat.  It should all be one smooth motion up and down with your arms while squatting and catching the ball and keeping it close to your chest.  Try to look up with your eyes instead of your head to reduce neck stress.  You can also shake out your arms as soon as you release the ball for a brief moment when you get good, and are repping them out quickly!
It is a great exercise, and these balls make it easy to afford to make it happen!  Just as good, and cheaper than every alternative on the market today!
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Climbing Ropes and Battling Ropes

Gain functional strength and muscular endurance, while building grip strength without straining your wrists or arms!  Climbing ropes make for a fun way to get an excellent upper body workout.  Make sure you have big soft landing pads and work within your limits.  Battling ropes are fun, but an amazingly effective way to test your raw work output. Often used in CrossFit workouts or MMA workouts, they are simple, effective, and fun!














Want to see all the sizes and options for both climbing and battling ropes, click


Power Rack – Squat Rack

One of the best and safest ways to get stronger is working out in a power rack.  From squats, to presses, to pin pulls, to partial deadlifts, the list is endless for exercises you can do in a power rack or squat rack with safeties.  Great for a CrossFit garage gym at home, so you don’t need a spotter or worry about your safety if you miss a lift.  While a lot of people opt for a simple squat stand, this can be deadly while working out at home.  Also, a power rack comes with a pull up bar that won’t wobble like every other cheap power tower!





Both of these would be ideal for both a garage setting or a commercial setting. As they are both made to last a lifetime, and made of so they can handle the heaviest weights. They also come with optional bar holders, dip attachments, and more. Just stick a bench under it, and you’ve got a serious home gym setup!

Click here for the Pendlay Power Rack or click here for the Pendlay Elite Half Rack


Power Sled – Speed Sled

If you’re looking for speed, strength, and power that transfers well onto the field, a power sled or speed sled is a must.  Whether you are trying to increase your speed, power, or strength, sled training is an amazingly functional exercise.  It is also a great exercise to burn calories in a fun way – if fun = pain and suffering.  You can either get a lighter sled, or a heavy duty one that you can load up with a lot of weight.  Seen in the CrossFit Games the past few years, this can be a really fun tool to mix up the traditional body weight, barbell, and kettlebell exercises.

A Heavy Duty Power Sled, made for the commercial environment, this single welded single piece construction is practically indestructible! Comes in both the 3 post and 4 post (as seen here) sled options and can be loaded up with several hundred pounds.

Want to start sled training?  Click here to check out these Power Sleds

Simple, yet effective, this is the junior version of the power sled. You can buy an attachment for your torso/waist, or get down and start driving with your legs. Ideal for outside use.












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